We in Christ the Cornerstone church believe in growing together as a community in all aspects of life: in school, careers, and faith. We recognize the need for both physical needs and spiritual nourishment. Therefore, through this program, we strive to assist new incoming students with the essentials to survive and excel their time in Seattle, in hope to build long-lasting relationship to eternity.

Welcoming Night

In the beginning of the academic year, we invite and host incoming freshman to a dinner where they can meet their fellow peers and also some of the seniors who were once also freshman in Seattle.

Airport Pick Up

We can help with transportation from the Airport to Homestay/Hotel. 

bank account

Basic Essentials

Along with transporting to the accommodation we will also accompany and help with creating Bank Account, getting local SIM card, and later creating Washington state ID. Not to mention also all basic needs for the student during their stays in homestay or homeshare.



We can help find accommodation and give recommendation to locations or neighborhood. We would be willing to provide temporary housing if there is a space in one of our houses. We can also help with finding long term stays such as house shares or homestays.

City Tour

We can arrange a city tour during the weekend to get to know the area better.

Academic Night

Academic performance is important in getting into a good university and getting the first job. Our community is made up of people from different backgrounds and majors. We are happy to welcome students in our houses to study and to get help so that they can excel academically.

Deciding between classes and career paths in the early days can be confusing. While we are no experts, we can share our experience to guide incoming students achieve their academic goals.

Major Workshop

To assist students in understanding how their strengths, interests, and skills are connected to selecting a major and career.

Personal Statement

Personal Statement is an integral part for applying to universities. We can assist students to help think through the steps to make a unique personal statement that will boost their chances to be accepted to their desired university.

Career Advice & Job Referral

Since our community graduated with multiple different degrees, we work in different industries. Once students have graduated, we can also assist them to find the right job, advising them to explore which career path, and even referring jobs opportunity to them.



Thanksgiving Retreat

Once a year in the month of November, we often take the Thanksgiving holiday to go to a lodge out of town to enjoy the fellowship of one another as well as learning the Word of God.



Summer Activities

Summer is the best season in Seattle! There are plenty of activities that we do to explore the state. We do camping, hiking, BBQ, water sports, and many others!